A downloadable game for Windows

Throw milk at people!

Survive in a shop for a certain amount of time to clear the level.

Pick up cartons of milk and either throw it at them or drink it then throw it at them. Up to you.

  • Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move.
  • Left-Click will throw the milk towards your mouse cursor. 
  • Right-click will drink milk, regaining health over time. You can throw to interrupt it
  • Milk cartons do more damage to enemies when full!
  • This game does not support controller (you won't be able to aim your shots). Supports Keyboard and Mouse only. 
Published Jul 16, 2017
GenreAction, Survival
Made withUnity
Tags2D, milk, revjam, Top-Down, Unity

Install instructions

Unzip to a new folder somewhere. Make sure that the exe and its data folder are in the same directory. 


ThrowMilkAtPeople.rar 11 MB